Combined Great Houses

Tour Rose Hall Great House, once home to the infamous White Witch of Rose Hall and now owned by American millionaire John Rollins. Legend has it that the “White Witch”, Annee Palmer, murdered four husbands in addition to numerous slaves who worked on the plantation. It is said that Annee Palmer, was herself murdered by one of her lovers, a cunning slave who decided to exact revenge on her and you will learn much more about the White Witch of Rose Hall during your tour.

Ancestral home of writer and poet, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, Greenwood Great House is an antique museum today. It was not destroyed in the slave rebellions of the 1830s when fires were set to the dwellings of the hated masters which was a result of better treatment and because they were more educated.


Shoppes of Rose Hall  


 “Man” trap

Duration:  5 hours

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