Trelawny Swamp Safari (with lunch)

A trip to the Jamaica Swamp Safari Village in Falmouth, Trelawny, will put you in touch with the wonders of nature and animal life. Located in a natural mangrove habitat, Jamaica Swamp Safari is home to over 30 of endangered American Crocodiles, the also endangered Jamaican Boa Constrictor (Yellow Snake), and the once thought extinct Jamaican Coney.

Get close up with ‘Jeremiah’ our 14ft. giant crocodile and ‘Japeth’ his buddy and gaze at ‘Shakira’ our very impressive 18ft. anaconda.

Careful now..!

Swamp Safari entrance

Furry friend

 Indigenous creature

Duration:  5 hours

All tours operate with multilingual guides and fully air-conditioned buses.

(Minimum group of 10 to book)